Pack of 3 papyrus sheets

Pack of 3 papyrus sheets


Genuine, high-quality papyrus made in Egypt from plants. It will add a touch of originality and authenticity to your decoration or menus. Pack of 3 A4 sheets of papyrus. Support for Jacques Herbin inks and waxes. Can also be used for painting.

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Sparkling inks

The Jacques Herbin brand, with over 350 years of expertise and know-how, offers a new range of 70 luminous, transparent and intense watercolor inks called Eclats, to be used concentrated or diluted. This range is completed by China and calligraphy inks to meet all your fine art needs.

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Scented inks

Let yourself be tempted by our six colors of scented writing ink! Their floral and fruity scents will bring a unique hint of freshness to your correspondence.

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