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Since its foundation in 1670, Jacques Herbin has been synonymous with excellence and innovation in the world of inks and supplies for writers and artists. Our commitment to quality and creativity has made our brand the preferred choice for many artists over the centuries. Today, we celebrate these inspiring talents and their remarkable creations that continue to transform our products into true works of art.

A history of passion and creativity

Artists have always found Jacques Herbin inks an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Our inks, renowned for their richness of colour and incomparable fluidity, are the ideal allies for bringing the most daring artistic visions to life. From delicate sketches to brilliant paintings, every drop of our inks is designed to meet the most exacting creative demands.

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A constant dialogue with art

Each Jacques Herbin product is the result of an ongoing dialogue with the artistic community. We work closely with artists, calligraphers and writers to develop inks that meet their specific needs and stimulate their creativity. These exchanges enable us to push back the boundaries of innovation and offer products that enrich the creative experience.

A palette of inspiration

The Jacques Herbin range of inks is a veritable palette of inspiration. Our inks come in a multitude of shades, each with its own personality and character. Whether it’s the mysterious depth of Abyssal Black ink, the vibrant brilliance of Hematite Red ink or the soothing serenity of Forget-Me-Not Blue ink, each shade is an invitation to explore and discover.

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