Calligraphy nibs for penholder – Box 15 Bandzug nibs 1,5mm

Calligraphy nibs for penholder – Box 15 Bandzug nibs 1,5mm


Bandzug nib with palette and removable reservoir (1.5mm), ideal for Latin calligraphy (Uncial, Caroline, Chancelière, Ronde). The sharpness of the angles of these nibs gives great precision to their strokes and produces incomparable gothic letters. Box of 15 nibs. Brause has specialised in calligraphy, drawing and writing nibs since 1850. Made in Germany.

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Traditional craftsmanship and excellence are the hallmarks of the Brause brand. Each nib is checked by hand before being packaged, to ensure the highest quality products for calligraphers and designers around the world.


Brause has recognised expertise in the manufacture of linocut tools. Linocutting is an engraving technique similar to printmaking. It is practised with a specific material such as linoleum, which is softer to work with than wood. Gouge nibs are used to hollow out the linoleum.