Brass sealing wax tablet, “rainbow” symbol

Brass sealing wax tablet, “rainbow” symbol


Decorate an invitation, an announcement or seal an envelope, thanks to Jacques Herbin's wide choice of motifs and pastilles, trendy and adapted to the different events in life. Pastille, 24mm diameter and 5mm thick, engraved with symbol for Jacques Herbin wooden handle (references 40601T or 40740T). Made in France.

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Creative wax ideal for all your correspondence and ideas

Personalise your correspondence, announcements, enhance your scrapbooking pages, your menus… so many uses for this modern, aesthetic wax to be used with a wax gun. A stylish effect guaranteed!

Personalise all your festive events with creative wax!

Creative wax is used with a wax gun and a brass tablet screwed onto a wooden handle. Depending on your wishes and ideas, you can personalise your creation with your initials or with trendy motifs suggested by Jacques Herbin. Perfect for festive events or scrapbooking!