Nude” artists’ ink, Marc Antoine Coulon

Nude” artists’ ink, Marc Antoine Coulon


The Création d'artistes range is the result of close collaboration between Jacques Herbin and renowned artists. This ink (50ml) was developed in collaboration with Marc-Antoine Coulon, one of the world's leading fashion illustrators who works with the major luxury houses and the French and international press. The softness of his drawings and the virile strength of his pencil strokes make his style recognisable and unique. "Nude is a universal base for all skin tones. Entrusting the manufacture of my Nude skin ink to Jacques Herbin is a great and noble adventure for the artist that I am". Marc-Antoine COULON. Can be used with fountain pen, roller pen, brush, nib holder and glass nib. Made in France.

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French know-how

Jacques Herbin inks are traditionally made in France. The waxing of the stopper and the seal on the glitter inks are done by hand in our workshops.

Brighten up your writing

Jacques Herbin offers a range of writing inks with gold and silver glitter to commemorate the launch dates of the inks. These intensely coloured inks are covered in a cloud of glitter to illuminate and add a touch of elegance to all your writing.

Writing with ink and pen is much more than writing, it's giving body and colour to our thoughts.