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Vert Atlantide - Limited Edition - 50ml bottle

Exclusively available as part of the Jacques Herbin collection, this 350th anniversary ink celebrates the launch of our brand in Paris, back in 1670. This limited edition ink was chosen by our users, and became the voters’ online choice for release. It has a dark, intense color, and is illuminated with both silver and gold glitter for a unique sparkle.

Vert Atlantide is a deep and elegant ink, with a silver veil and golden mist. Intended for writing and drawing, it evokes the lush greenery of Atlantis before its immersion into the ocean depths…

Jacques Herbin was an esteemed navigator who, according to legend, had a deep curiosity for missing places like Atlantis...

This ink is for pens, never mix this ink with another. Before filling ink pot or fountain pen, rinse thoroughly. Shake the bottle well before filling the writing instrument for best results. If your pen is inactive for a while, we recommend you might want to empty and clean it.

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