Autumn Pack

Enjoy our new autumn pack to (re)discover our inks in the colors of this season.

Rouge Hématite

Scarlet red, pulling, thanks to its golden glitter,slightly on the brown, Hematite Red ink is intense and powerful in order to bring majesty and elegance to writing. It evoques the color of the wax that was before used to seal royal edicts.

Cornaline d’Egypte

The ocher tint of Carnelian of Egypt, inspired by gemstones, is sublimated thanks to its silver glitter that shines a thousand lights. It brings warmth and elegance to different writings. 

This stone was already very popular in ancient times by the Egyptians who used to make jewels and ornaments for the most luxurious furniture.

Brun prévenance

Warm and earthy color, Brun prévenance invites us to take the time of writing. Brun prévenance tells us a late afternoon olfactory world, that of smoked honeyed tea sublimated by neroli and vetiver revealed by the end of the day.

Ambre de Baltique

Fossil resin of conifers, amber has been exploited since the bronze age and antiquity when it was assembled on jewelry. It was particularly appreciated for its beautiful translucent bronze tint. Ambre de Baltique is a very luminous ink, quasi solar when used in ink wash painting.

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This ink is for pens, never mix this ink with another. Before filling ink pot or fountain pen, rinse thoroughly. Shake the bottle well before filling the writing instrument for best results. If your pen is inactive for a while, we recommend you might want to empty and clean it.

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